Michelle Yue - Read about me here.  

Portland, OR / Houston, TX

Shopnonhuman is an online boutique for my handmade jewelry and other found objects following a minimalistic, futuristic, and/or industrial aesthetic.  

Msg me!  m@shopnonhuman

Do you loan pieces to stylists?  
Yes, email m@shopnonuman.com to set up a pull.  Credit card number for incidentals is required.  You are required to pay for return shipping and provide a tracking number.  More details will be provided upon contact.  

Do you ship internationally?
Yes.  The options are: 
USPS First Class Mail - This comes with a tracking number but the tracking information does not always work online.
USPS Express Mail - This comes with a tracking number.  The information is accessible online.   

What is your return policy?
If you need to return or exchange, you must do so within 3 days of receipt of item.  Please email m@shopnonhuman.com. 

Do you ever do sales or offer any discounts?
Please follow @shopnonhuman on Instagram and Facebook to hear when these sales happen first.